a little trip that leads far

I’m back from a little trip that led me far away. I had several appointments with several messengers. Each one with his specific message, each one is important, all of them are pointing their finger at me. I met new people, and some I already know, and then I stayed alone for a while, I’ve lighted up some dark zone I was forced to face. Now it’s time for the real thing, time to accord the nice sentences with true life, to become at last what I’m claiming to be, the moment of truth.

The new messengers are talking about, creation, realization, determination, and action. The 1st one is a charismatic French woman that seems to come from a modern mythology. She is so present that she irradiates. She’s an artist, a singer, an actress, has a fine writing style, and a sharp look; she has traveled around the world, and met remarkable people. Her name is Chloé MONS, isn’t it sounding mythological? Anyway our communication is so natural that it’s confusing like a déjà vu sensation. With just a few unexpected words said spontaneously, she’s already confirmed that some options I have chosen are the good ones and I instinctively trust her judgment.


Chloé Mons Photo : Delphine Kreuter

The 2nd new messenger is a tall and thin charismatic ageless man, full of energy, and inhabited by his dream and his vision. His name is Gerard CHENET is Haitian, poet, writer, sculptor, and a builder. The light of his golden eyes is penetrating but benevolent. This great man has accomplished many things. He has built the “Espace Sobo Bade” which is a place that combines art with tourism, 50 km away from Dakar by the sea, within a personal and inspired architectural style. www.espacesobobade.com He has a new challenge, he’s on the verge of finishing the building of a new cultural complex for professional artists performances. I went to visit the advanced building site, and it’s a fantastic little realm in a middle of the luxuriant bush, on this rainy season, of this undulating landscape. The stage is a huge circle large and deep, with 2 balconies suspended on each side, always with this particular architectural style that he still keeps on improving. Gerard is an example and a source of inspiration to me. He shows me that we can fulfill our more ambitious dreams.

Gérard Chenet Photo : www.arts-are-essential.org

I have already met the 3rd messenger. Our project has just been selected by PECCS, a program financed by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID) and run by INTERARTS a private Spanish agency based in Barcelona, and AMS one of the most important Senegalese professional organization in the cultural field. This program has already been experimented in Latin America. We will be helped and advised for the legal aspects, the management, and the financial research aspect. We are networked with complementary people that work in production of events, touring, booking, videos, communication and photo. The message is clear, get ready to do it.

Last but not least, the 4th messenger is a delicate young woman, elegant, fresh and smart. I have already described and talked about her in a precedent post, I call her Miss WILLIS. She invited me to take my responsibility in all the features of my life, and I gratefully thank her for this. Of course it haven’t been very easy, but I fought my fears and my resistances, and I feel much more free now, stronger then. I discovered that commitment can help to totally free us, and now I feel clean as we say here, in tune, balanced, harmonized. It’s important before composing music isn’t it? Thanks to her, thanks to all the messengers.

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