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Everything has changed since last month! I reached a higher spiritual step without looking for it. I wasn’t looking for it because I didn’t really see it like this before, and thus I ignored its real nature. Until the day of my departure to Africa, I learned to know what I don’t want to be, who I am not. Since the day I landed here, I learn to be what I chose to be, and I learn to know who I actually am. And then, fear has begun to fade day-by-day, coolness instead, and almost happiness, it seems now I was preparing myself for something else, something essential. If fear goes, Love comes, and I learned to not fear Love, then Chloe came to me. Our meeting preceded by 3 months of beautiful inspired letters, was like a neopagan, enchanted ritual. During 7 days and nights, in a mystical and chapel like room hanging over the breathing sea, she was the sun, I was the moon, and the stars our family, together, we were, we are God! She is Eve from the dawn of time, the holy priestess who knows the secret of life. I took her hand and with her I celebrate my new birth. Alter Ego, corresponding soul, you make my ego fly, in ethereal zones where air is rare and Love, unconditional Love transcend it. Everything has changed! Love revolution now!

Patrice et Chloé

I met some new musicians, Jean-Paul Tendeng, best known as Longenza, is tall, as his name tells. He has a deep bass voice, and sings since his early childhood in choirs. He’s a good traditional drummer too, and can sing while playing. He’s living next door, so he comes very often to the red little house.

I bought some percussion instruments, 3 bougarabou Diola hand drums, and Richard Tendeng had put together a specially well-designed metallic structure to hold it. Then we sing together with Joel and Longen, on Diola rhythms, I don’t get the whole thing, I’m humming or I repeat words I don’t understand. That’s good this way; I have time for that!


Then Joel has gone to the king traditional annual festival to represent us and came back with strong images. The king knows everything, he ask for us to sing positives messages.

I met Viviane Tendeng, she wasn’t very hurry to come here, too many sad stories with fake musicians, but true bad guys. She came and I understood, she’s very pretty, and very attractive. We didn’t talk much, I love her voice solid and frail at the same time, it touches my heart! We sung along with joy, then we lunched and laughed, she’s now a part of the family.We have started to record, and the experience itself is a savored, warm and nourishing moment. Everything has changed, the filter of Love is allowing us to see the real dimension of life, doing is more important than results, and peace is our natural home. “This house is special, you see, good people are coming everyday, that’s a very good sign” said Joel.

Viviane Tendeng

That’s true that we feel peace in this red house, even if it is becoming a bit small. 2 men have come, they asked for the other half of the house still vacant. With neighbors so close, that won’t be the same story, we know it, and we won’t have this possibility to extend no more, so after 2 or 3 days of fake thinking, I decided to take and rent the other half of the house, I phone the owner, and we will get in it next month.

This month, I was happy to work with Maaike Cotterink, a smart, smiling, and dynamic Dutch young lady from the PECCS program (see the former post). She’s very helping, with her we wrote my best presentation ever, and I was proud to send it. She’s the perfect coach I needed, to help me to transmit and explain what I intend to do.

What was boredom before had become a new experience, a new opportunity. Major changes are going on right now. We’re blessed; this is bliss. “Happiness only real when shared.” Christopher McCandless

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