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Last weekend was an election weekend in Senegal, the Senegalese people has elected their mayors and their regional councils. This particular Sunday the people of Ziguinchor has said farewell to Robert Sagna who was at the head of the town since 1984. This very experimented and wealthy man have been working in the government of the country, as a secretary of state 2 times and as a minister 5 times during twenty years, without much benefit for the town that has grown from a very nice and beautiful place to a very nice deprived one.
The old fox has let the place to a young wolf that loves culture and music and may be that dreams secretly to make of this town his springboard toward some higher national responsibility. Long live the changes! 

Pascal has called; all the instruments and the rest of the equipment will leave Paris the 6 of April by boat, it will travel to Dakar during 2 weeks to finally arrive here in Zig if everything is ok, i.e. one more month of waiting. Everything that has a start has an end including unpleasant things.
Oh! I could be disappointed to have to wait again, but I’m a warrior of peace, I track down every piece of spleen and when I see one, I strike! POW! I gotcha! 

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