some gold nuggets

We are very glad to record, the pleasure is real and we are proud of the first results, it is like the genies of Casamance are whispering tunes in our ears, we are blessed and inspired. It is so huge that we cannot mix them properly, too big for us! We need a helping sound engineer to make mastered tracks of this jungle of sound. Some musicians have come and listened to our work, they all have felt the spell of the notes and words acting on their mind, they call us the new sorcerers.

The man at the head of the French cooperation in Ziguinchor has come and has listened to the tracks and told us that he will ask his hierarchy to support us. We know it is a long way to finish an album, but

we know also that we are on the right track, and we are so happy to follow it! It seems that all our lives have conducted us to this path. We have all suffered to get there, and we all relish this special moment, we taste each second knowing its importance.

Bolo has started his French course last month at the Franco-Senegalese Alliance. He has met new people there, an Italian, an

Englishman, some Guinean people. He is taking this new stage very seriously, and I’m very happy for him and proud of his reaction.

Now I rent the whole house, Bolo is now sleeping in the other part of it. I hope that I will have soon the money to make a studio, in this part of the house, che sera sera…

I face my faith; something‘s got to happen!

We roughly mixed the tunes we made, I’m preparing

myself to go to Dakar, and then after a few days, I’ll fly to Paris to my children, to my beautiful love Chloe, for a sparkling and vibrant Christmas in the city of light.

It has been nearly 2 years that I haven’t been in my hometown, this time I’m coming back with gold nuggets for my beloved.

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