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I have just come back to Ziguinchor. As I cross the door of the red house, Joel falls in my arms, then Bolo. “And Chloe? And the children?” He asks very quickly, I tell him that I have experienced 15 days of a condensed life as if I was in a movie, or in a novel, each page full of thrills, a greater life, king size.

In Casablanca’s airport I had some time to think about what was at stake with this trip. My multidimensional love for Chloe was about to recover its so divinely physical one, and would have to embrace my 2 sons I haven’t seen for nearly 1 year and a half, plus Chloe’s daughter that I didn’t meet so far, if we except the small words we have exchanged some times, through the magical electronic mirror, dreamt by Cocteau long ago. It was Christmas time even in Casablanca, I was there like in an airlock between 2 distant worlds, temperature has made a fall of 10°C., I had a few time to acclimate myself to the new conditions, before meeting the big family, mine and Chloe’s one, Christmas time!

Here I was freshly landed in Paris Orly’s Airport, out of the little glass maze I could see her at last, she was there standing at the very end of the long path of rope, surrounded by a ghostly and blurred honor guard. It was a furtive glimpse; I couldn’t bear to hold this sight too long, I bow my head as I was changing hand to carry my heavy bag. I was arrived at last, at the end of the path. I raised my eyes and I saw hers, my mouth met hers, and my eyes closed by an overwhelming wave of bliss were both released and tamed. Our hands were still bound as we got in the cab, we crossed Paris from south to North, it was snowing, Christmas time.

We got to her place, hidden in a secret lane which once had been the hideout of Jacques Mesrine the famous French public enemy number 1 of the 70’s, and I instantly felt comfortable in this cozy home where every thing is chosen without being pretentious; there was nothing conventional or bourgeois, It was like I was in the countryside very far from Barbès.

the secret lane

We have got together much further than the first time we met, but like we parted the day before, and soon we lost the sense of time in a slice of eternity; our speed, our moment! So good that it might have been a stolen one.

The next morning the jitters were playing with my heart pinching it; we were on the way to pick Chloe’s daughter up, who had slept at one’s of her friends of the secret lane. As I walked up the stairway thinking that for this little girl, this first Christmas without her father would not be an easy one, I knew that at the top of the stairway in the middle of the chaotic profusion of conflicting feelings, no seduction but truth would be the only way to reach her, and that it would take time to connect with her. We got to the top, and it was Art, her little sparkling friend who encountered us first, soon followed by Poppée, “Hi kids!” “Hii!” Then the 2 kids ran inside, the introduction was made.

Inside we talked a bit with Art’s father, a very gentle dreamy look always-young man. Poppée was playing with Art scrutinizing me while I was chatting observing her. Bye Art and gentle dreamy father, we were then on our way to pick the boys crossing Paris southbound subway, a rather long moment, we were both very shy, Chloe was smiling to us, not much talks. At the terminus, at the end of the tunnel, the boys were standing but I could not distinguish them clearly because of the backlighting.

There we got at last! Falling in each other arms in a strong and long hug. They have changed so much! Gaspard will be soon a young man, and Alsene is now a sturdy boy with large hands. A little chat with Constance is very friendly, a short one, we were very short on time with new foundations to build, each minute was vital. The kids connected each other almost instantly, and the long way back northbound seemed much shorter. We were all happy to be there with one another, many smiles, few talks; we were all enthusiastic and eager to build our new intimacy. In the hidden house of the secret lane, Poppée was very welcoming, she introduced us to her world and then games, giggles, tickles, and loud laughing came rapidly.

Late at night, Chloe and I talked a long time about how weird all fits so naturally; love is so profound! staring into Chloe’s eyes is like plunging in a never ending opposite mirror, a swan dive into a magical bottomless passage to a parallel high vibrating cosmos. So powerful! An irresistible wave overwhelming all of us.

It’s been a couple of days since I came in this house, and I began to feel the shadow of the Man. Alsene came very close to me as I was laying alone on the sofa. “I’ve seen some Victoire musical awards” he whispered, “there are several”. I had seen these awards myself before, but I looked away when my eyes crossed them, I wasn’t prepared for that, I wasn’t ready for this kind of dialogue. “You see, Poppée’s father was a great artist he passed away not long ago, people liked him very much, his name is Alain Bashung, we will listen to him soon”.

When I arrived in the house, Chloe brought out one of his guitar, a black acoustic Gibson. I played, not long. One morning I woke up very early, I was thinking about all this, I went downstairs, checked out my e-mails, and I played with Poppée’s little guitar, I didn’t want to take one of his, I’d rather not play at all, Bashung is a grand, he’s beside Trenet, Gainsbourg, a true universal and popular talent, they have struck their time, and became standard themselves with their various periods. I saw a cover sleeve of Johnny Kidd, and a picture of Charles Trenet standing close together. “J’sens comme un vide remets moi Johnny Kidd… Tu veux qu’j’te chante la mer le long, le long des golfes pas très clairs” It was in the first Bashung’song I’ve known, untitled “Gaby, oh Gaby”, my mother’s first name… It comes full circle… I loved Poppée very quickly and she expressively adopted me the 3rd day. One night, after another slice of eternity and weightlessness, we got down to the kitchen. “How did you know it would match to perfection? When you heard my name, how did you know that it was I? It’s mad! Who are you Chloe? You’re so special!” “I don’t know, when I heard your name during this preview, I told myself ‘that man is for me’, I knew that it was you, I had to see you!” I told her what I felt about the Man, and his daughter the responsibility that it implies… Silence… an angel is passing by, and suddenly Chloe’s phone rang in the middle of the advanced night. It was a message from one of Bashung’s closest friends, Chloe doesn’t know him very well, but he is always there for important moments. It was said, “Happy Christmas, the most beautiful thought will come from the sky.” We smiled and blended in a long and deep kiss.

Chloe Has taught Alsene to play a blues on the Ukulele, Gaspard played piano, Poppée was dreaming in her inner world with her puppets, everyone found its place naturally, it seemed that we all felt comfortable with this high tempo. I met some of Chloe’s best friends, the sensitive Karl and Yann her guitar player; she met mine, the noble Gi, and my old pal Pierre, we had Gaspard’s age when he talked to me with enthusiasm about Gaby, Bashung’song.

We were in the subway southbound once again, on our way for Christmas Eve. Chloe was a little anxious, we are of the same kind, we both have an attractive and repulsive effect on people, I knew what she felt at this moment and I remained close. Each minute counts, during this evening I saw babies I didn’t know, the core of the clan without the parents gone far in this big world, it was full of childish willingness, and therefore quite joyful.

Gomis' clan uncomplete

We left and talked about our impressions, each detail matched, her vision of the world combining with mine encircles our whole reality. We had not slept very long that night, and the morning after, we were all of us as a pack of hounds, inside “la Gare du nord” the northern railroad station, going to Lille, Chloe’s hometown. This time it was my turn to feel a small pressure. On the train, and in all our moves, we’re a family.

Lille is a colorful and smart city; freshly arrived we went with Chloe’s parents Philippe and Dominique, at Chloe’s grandfather’s place. Pope is a charming old man with an indefectible smile and smooth sparkling blue eyes. He loves art, painting, photos, many different genres of good music, he’s the opposite of a snob, he’s just passionate, and his woman is very welcoming. Philippe was saying some adult jokes to make the children comfortable and they laughed sincerely, we all had a pleasant moment.

Then we came back to Philippe and Dominique’s place, a very special one, they both are art collector for more than 30 years and their house, an ex-factory, is like a special museum where 3 worlds have a permanent conversation: India, Africa, and medium art. Africa and India are the 2 lands that attract me the most; I recognized books and records I owned, before leaving and giving them to Pierre. The day after, the big family would be there for the Mons Christmas lunch. In the morning, I found an Indian sitar I’ve been dreaming to touch for so many years, and it was a revelation! I played a long time and it contributed to deeply relax myself.

Chloe’s big family is a very mild one, everyone is kind and nice and very welcoming so far, far from some hazing I had known once, in another life.

At the end of the day, the kids were running altogether in a sensual ballet, playing with water spray bottles; they were gifted and very happy of their day. The day after, we took the road to the sea with Chloe’s parents. Cap Gris-Nez; Cap Blanc-Nez, just in front of England so close. Who said that North is sad? Who wrote, “Northern people have in the eye the blue they miss in their landscape”? Bullshit! This land is graceful! and its unbelievably huge range of colors is restlessly changing.

I quickly felt at ease with Philippe and Dominique, I could really be myself without being judged, and that is so precious, any distant or affected manner would be inappropriate. We have made some good walks altogether, and watched good movies, we have shared good moments, dense and special, and then time has come to get back to Paris. Poppée, Philippe and Dominique had stayed, and we left with the boys.



Time for goodbye, for strong and long hugs with some teardrops from the boys still children.

We have made a very long way altogether. Last walks in the streets of Paris, we were king and queen of an archaic kingdom, so powerful and vital.

Snap! I’m in Dakar, my father was happy to see me, I told him that for the first time of my life, I feel like a married man, that I’m ready now. “That’s good news papa!” he said, and it immediately reminded me Gaspard who hugged me one of these fresh evenings to say good night, and told me “You’ve got married my son, that’s good news!” Isn’t it weird?

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