Pascal is coming

Pascal Gomis is coming to Dakar; I have to meet him up there. Oh! Sorry! I didn’t introduce him to you. We have the same name, not because we’re blood related, but because we are both from a Manjak origine. The Manjako ethnic group comes from Guinea Bissau, not very far from Ziguinchor, which was Guinean until the end of the 19th century, before becoming French and now Senegalese. Cacheu, the small town of my ancestors is only at 35 km as the crow flies from here.
I know Pascal since… I can’t tell for how long, means a long time. Our parents have been close friends for a while. When we first met, my hair were black and he was a svelte and athletic dancer, a pioneer of the hip hop movement, he was breaking dance new ground. He was quite good; he’s danced with “Tribal jam”, a quite well known band at that time in France. He’s grown in the ghettoes of the eastern Paris suburb, with no perspective of social improvement except alternative street expression. Then in the 80’s, with some pals he founded VNR the voices of the new street, an association to promote street art, which has become now, the first hip hop organization for dance in France. He quitted dance to handle management, he got massive, and disabused. But Pascal is a rebel; he can’t stand to see his ideals deviated by the system. So one morning he gave up, and took a driver job, waiting for the right moment to leave and make business in Africa.
This is when we talked about the peace orchestra project for the first time. He literally embraces it, and did boost it with his pragmatic view. He is the one who is in charge of bringing the equipment from Paris France down here in Zig. He shares most of his time between Paris and Dakar, looking for good deals. He called this weekend; he’s leaving this Friday for 7 days in Dakar. I bought my boat ticket, I’ll meet him on Monday Inch Allah (as we say here), I’ll give him the custom documents, we will discuss with Pierre Djiba the conditions of the equipment arrival. At last!

Probably the most important step because it’s becoming concrete and viewable for the people of Zig, also and above all, because since this moment we can start our work of creation.

Pascal Gomis

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