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Austeri-austerity sung Fela. Dead end, dead calm, I’m killing time.  Sail folded down the mast; fast has passed blasted at last. Sick of seeking for mini money, broke as a joke and it ain’t funny. Okey dockey! Now we are a block, solid as a rock and we keep on rolling. Not in the bag yet, we drag ourselves, we hang on, with no regret. Harsh! We cough the cash up the everyday needs. “Ah mbongo!” said Bido? “If bank was a forest and the leaves on trees were dollar bills. Money!  Mbongo! Money!”


You, happy fellow, you! There are these sweet voices. Here is Gi, lily, Nathalie, Nikola; Florence, Laurence, Constance who sing perseverance. Seven women from heaven defeat my arrogance, mocking me gently. Seven women wash the shame and even rekindle the flame of the holy blaze, all with feminine manners, feminine shapes, generous ones definitely! You, happy fellow, you!

Animation by Hanjin Song; music by Kim Dong Ryul; produced at Ringling School of Art and Design

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